For some of us, it may be difficult to imagine not having access to basic oral hygiene supplies or even lacking the education to know what to do with them.  Unfortunately, this is a reality in areas of the world including certain populations in Haiti.  For this reason, we have partnered with Lifeline Christian Mission to get oral hygiene kits in the hands of those who need them most -- we call this project, "Healthy You Healthy Haiti."


For every new patient we see at Commonwealth Dentistry, we will donate an oral hygiene kit that will have a direct impact on access to supplies and education for an individual in Haiti.  


Each oral hygiene kit will include: 

- 4 Toothbrushes

- 2 Tubes of toothpaste

- 4 Packages of floss

- Educational materials on how to care for teeth and prevent dental disease (translated in English and Haitian Creole)


Already a patient at Commonwealth Dentistry?  No problem!  We will also donate a oral hygiene kit for every existing patient who refers a friend or family member to our office, just make sure they tell us you sent them.  


We couldn't be more excited about this awesome opportunity and hope you will join us in improving the oral health of those in need.  Call 859-309-1095 or click to schedule an appointment today!

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