Welcome Alicia!

Please welcome our newest team member at Commonwealth Dentistry as we continue to grow!  Alicia has been with us for a few months now so many of you may already be familiar with her!  She's happy to welcome you to our office, has loved meeting our patients, and we are so glad to have her as a part of our team!

Welcome Kristen!

Please join us in welcoming our newest team member to Commonwealth Dentistry.  God put Kristen in our lives at just the right time.   As we were looking to hire a new friendly face to greet our patients she came in as a new patient and informed us of her career goals in the health field.  What perfect timing!  Say hey to Kristen next time you're at Commonwealth Dentistry.  She'll help you in any way she can!

Dental Entrepreneur

Check out Dr. Pelais and Dr. Bolin on the cover of Dental Entrepreneur!  Thanks to all of our great patients for allowing us to continue to serve you!



Copy the link below to read their story!


Lexington Rocks

Cool surprise on our store front this morning!  

Lexington Rocks!

Welcome Charlotte Rose!




So very excited to welcome the newest member to the Commonwealth Dentistry family!  Ms. Charlotte was born on July 27th and we can't say enough about how much joy she has already brought with her.  Congratulations to Dr. Pelais and Kate; what an awesome blessing and an exciting time we are so grateful to share with y'all!

Maximizing your Medical and Dental Benefits

Depending on your employer and the type of medical insurance provided you may have access to either an FSA or an HSA, both of which can be very helpful in saving you and your family money on medical and dental expenses.  The tax benefits of contributing to these accounts can be great, but it's also important to know the specific features of each to ensure you don't miss out on any of your hard earned money. For instance, any FSA balance above $500 at the end of the year does not roll over to the next year and is lost. Some are set up to expire at the end of the calendar year while others operate on a fiscal year.  Here are a few other facts you may find useful:

- Both FSAs and HSAs can be utilized for many dental procedures including fillings, crowns, implants and orthodontics

- You may contribute up to $2500 (tax exempt) annually to your FSA; HSA's have an even higher annual limit

- Funds in your HSA rollover each year and are yours to keep, although there are penalties if this money is withdrawn or used on non-medical/dental expenses

- Funds can be utilized for many over-the-counter items and even more prescription purchases 

At Commonwealth Dentistry we are here to help you get the most out of your benefits so feel free to reach out if we can be of assistance! Check out the links below for more general information or speak with your HR department for information specific to your benefits.


US News



Should your young athlete be wearing a mouthguard?

Photo courtesy of The Boston Globe
Photo courtesy of The Boston Globe

The Boston Celtic's star point guard, Isaiah Thomas, was on the receiving end of an inadvertent elbow in last weekend's playoff game that ended up costing him a front tooth.  Unfortunately these injuries are not uncommon in many of the sports our children play and most can be prevented with the use of a custom mouthguard. Dental injuries can be painful and inconvenient, but they can also come with a high price tag over the life of the patient.  For more information check out these links to articles discussing mouthguard use and contact us today to learn more about having one made for you or your children.


MouthHealthy - Mouthguards 

UKNOW - Remember Mouth Guards


Congrats Jill!





Congrats Jill - our latest raffle winner of the Oral-B Pro 5000.  This tooth brush is Bluetooth compatible allowing you to track your brushing habits to allow personalized brushing routines and daily monitoring!


Ms. Clara watches Mom get her teeth brushed before it's her turn!








Ms. Clara watches and learns as Mom got her teeth cleaned before her turn!  We've been seeing Clara since she was just over a year old and it is so great to see her comfort level grow in our office!  It's Dr. Seuss week at Clara's preschool so she was dressed as the Cat in the Hat.  


February is National Children's Dental Health Month


Ms. Dot loves her new dental implant!








Ms. Dot came to us looking for options to replace a tooth she previously had extracted due to an infection.  We completed grafting and a dental implant for her.  We got a great esthetic and functional result which gave Ms. Dot a beautiful and natural smile.  She is ecstatic to chew on that side again and to replace the missing tooth in her smile!  Can you tell which tooth is the implant?!


Invisalign - Congrats Ms. K!







Congrats on completing your Invisalign treatment

Ms. K!  It's amazing what we can accomplish

with clear aligners in a matter of months!  Thanks

for being such a great patient!  Enjoy your beautiful

new smile!


Addy at Commonwealth Dentistry


Have you met Mary!?



If you've called our office before, Mary is the face of that friendly voice on the other side of the line!  She loves helping our patients schedule appointments, answer dental related questions, and educating patients about their insurance plans and payment options.  

Mary has been with Commonwealth Dentistry since the spring of 2016.  Her welcoming and pleasant attitude will make you feel right at home with your Lexington dentist.  

Mary loves spending time with her family and her dog.  She loves animals and you can find her frequently at Keeneland with the horses.  

Say hey to Mary next time you speak with her on the phone or are sitting in our lobby.  She would love to get to know you!


A New Year and a Healthy Smile!


Happy New Year!!!


2016!!!  What an awesome year it was!  Thanks to all of those who were part of our first year here at Commonwealth Dentistry.  It's been such a great opportunity to serve the Lexington community and to meet so many wonderful people.  Wishing you and your family a blessed 2017!


Everyone Needs Their Cleaning






Dr. Pelais flips roles with one of our patients; it may have been one of his best cleanings yet!  With such concentration, he may be the best dentist in Lexington!

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LCA's Back to School Bash

A BIG thanks to LCA and all of the families for allowing us to be part of this years Back To School Bash!  We had a great time and had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people.  Also, a shout out to Sarah Covey who was the winner of our Oral-B electric toothbrush give away!!



Back to School Special!

Commonwealth Dentistry is offering free custom athletic mouth guards or 1/2 off whitening as the school year kicks off!  Enjoy the rest of the summer!


North Lime Donut Dash 2016

Commonwealth Dentistry had a blast sponsoring the inaugural North Lime Donut Dash 3K this past weekend to help support a great cause, Nourish Your Neighborhood!  The race was a huge success and we look forward to continue partnering with our neighbors in Lexington at North Lime Donuts on Clays Mill in the future!  Mmm....those are good donuts!


Open House

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Open House last week!  We had a blast sharing the office with you and hope you always feel welcome to come visit!  We are so blessed and grateful to be able to provide care to our patients in such a beautiful office.  We couldn't have done this without so many of our friends, family, staff, patients, and mentors providing such tremendous support along the way.  


Morning Pointe



We took a field trip to visit our neighbors at Morning Pointe to educate residents on home oral healthcare and to offer free dental screenings!  We came across a friend of ours, Coach Gene Huff, so we snapped a photo with our local celebrity.  We can't wait to go back and visit the residents!  

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The Kids' Zone





Ben and Brent checking out the iPad Station in Commonwealth Dentistry's new lobby.

Keep your kids (no matter the age...) entertained by the games on the iPads while you come to visit us!  Give us a call today!



Now Open!!







The wait is over!  Our doors are now open and we are accepting patients.  Thank you everyone for your support.  Stop on in and schedule your appointment with us at Commonwealth Dentistry.  We can't wait to see you and your family!


 220 Ruccio Way  #120, Lexington, KY 40503  

(859) 309-1095