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Dr. Bolin and Dr. Pelais built Commonwealth Dentistry together based on shared visions of patient care - simply treating people how you want to be treated and taking the time to form long lasting relationships with their patients.  It is through this underlying foundation that Drs. Bolin and Pelais are able to deliver treatment based on each patient's individual and unique needs.  They pride themselves on this value and are eager to welcome you and your family to your new dental home at Commonwealth Dentistry.  


Drs. Bolin and Pelais met and practiced together at the University of Virginia Health System. This was a two year advanced training program in general dentistry where they treated patients of various backgrounds and medical histories. Drs. Bolin and Pelais both served as Chief Residents where they were responsible for coordinating the care and treatment of patients in the hospital with medical complexities including head and neck cancer, organ failure, and bleeding disorders. Additionally, they received extensive training in general dentistry which included dental implants, sedation, wisdom tooth extractions, and cosmetic procedures. Having worked closely together, they discovered their shared values of patient care and passion for providing advanced dental care for their patients. They used these values and skills to build Commonwealth Dentistry to provide the most comfortable experience for you.


Dr. Pelais and Dr. Bolin serve as assistant professors at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry where they are directly involved with the fourth-year dental students as they learn to treat patients. Supervising the dental students allows them to teach the future dentists of Kentucky as well as stay up to date with current dental philosophies and teachings.


Drs. Pelais and Bolin both share a passion for community service as well as teaching. They have participated in volunteer events like RAM and MOM projects which provide free dental care to under-served populations in rural Kentucky and Virginia. While in Virginia they served as adjunct faculty for the VCU School of Dentistry allowing students to get hands on experience with dental surgery. They are members of the American Dental Association, Kentucky Dental Association, Bluegrass Dental Society, and the Academy of General Dentistry.

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